This summer I am serving as a volunteer at Hope Heals Camp, a week-long camp experience that offers Christ-centered resources, restoration, and relationships for individuals and families affected by disability. All campers with disabilities and their families come for FREE. My camp tuition helps cover my fees AND the fees of a camper. Will you help me raise enough money to send me to Camp PLUS a family affected by disability? To learn more, visit
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    Kristin Duff

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    Tyler Strong

    $25.75 / 26 days ago

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    Lindsie Herring

    $85.00 / 26 days ago

    So excited for you to go back!! Praying with you!! 🙏🏼

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    Trevor Baird

    $87.55 / 26 days ago

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    Corey Busk

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    Allison Little

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    Emily Pyeatt

    $103.00 / 74 days ago

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    Sharon Little

    $103.00 / 76 days ago

    I am thrilled that you have the opportunity to attend Hope Heals Camp again! Praying that the Lord will use you, again, to minister to the sweet families who will be attending.

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