This summer I am serving as a volunteer at Hope Heals Camp, a week-long camp experience that offers Christ-centered resources, restoration, and relationships for individuals and families affected by disability. All campers with disabilities and their families come for FREE. My camp tuition helps cover my fees AND the fees of a camper. Will you help me raise enough money to send me to Camp PLUS a family affected by disability? To learn more, visit
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    Lisa Dugan

    $103.00 / 130 days ago

    So proud of you both and excited to support you! Love you both!!

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    Jill Hartsell

    $50.00 / 138 days ago

    Proud of you girls!

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    Michelle Parkman

    $51.50 / 138 days ago

    Can't wait to see how the Lord uses you, Amanda & Riley! Love you! :)

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    Allison Clark

    $50.00 / 138 days ago

    Proud of your girls!

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    John Seville

    $103.00 / 139 days ago

    Glad to support Riley and Amanda for this great cause!!

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    Sherri Scott

    $50.00 / 139 days ago

    Thank you for serving Amanda and Riley! I appreciate your heart to help and to give back! What a great example you are setting for Riley, Amanda. Prayers for a safe week.

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    $100.00 / 141 days ago

    Love all that you are doing and your heart.

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    Amanda Regas

    $103.00 / 142 days ago

    So proud of you Amanda and Riley. Hope Heals is the perfect organization for you two. You have big hearts and so much love to share. Made our donation in honor of little Hannah Booth, who had special needs. Wish she could play at camp with you! But I know she will be shining down on you from Heaven.

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    Randall Barker

    $-50.00 / 143 days ago

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    Lisa Perta

    $51.50 / 143 days ago

  • E541f7677ed16d53efc8a9dd10179ca8? nophoto

    Eric Almquist

    $103.00 / 143 days ago

    You both are making a difference. We are so happy to be a part of your journey.

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    Randall Barker

    $50.00 / 143 days ago

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    Eric McCabe

    $300.00 / 144 days ago

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    Jonathan Tipton

    $100.00 / 144 days ago

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    Lynda Kirkman

    $25.75 / 144 days ago

  • D90f5bed1dcd2dbc27ad2e338bec6120? nophoto

    Mark Cady

    $500.00 / 144 days ago

    great job Amanda awesome heart

  • Dc52550e951276c6920ca8ec5d2e6e8d? nophoto

    Twila Grooms

    $206.00 / 144 days ago

    Way to go Amanda and Riley!!! Thank you for serving our community in such a valuable way!!!

  • 72a3e716312b4c5fffb53ffdae1ac250? nophoto

    Shawne Moore

    $75.00 / 144 days ago

    Amanda & Riley, We are thrilled to support you and wish you the best at the "Hope Heals Camp" Summer 2019. You two will be the best Mommy/Daughter team!!! We love you, Chris & Shawne

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    David Jackson

    $500.00 / 144 days ago

  • C92707d04869a2d3ac60045cc28bd350? nophoto

    Tracy Robinson

    $257.50 / 144 days ago

    Much love and many blessings Amanda and Riley :)

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    Ragan Preston

    $300.00 / 144 days ago

    My sister has a brain injury so I am so honored to help others give back to that community. Thank you for you willingness to serve.

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    Shelaine Powell

    $25.75 / 144 days ago

    Shay and Lexi Powell

  • A4609489573b94bdc4757e58d43117a2? nophoto

    Janice Barnwell

    $103.00 / 144 days ago

    I’m so happy for you and Riley! Your week at camp will be such a great teaching tool for Riley! So proud of you and all that you do! I love you both💕

  • E02a313f2e296eb81cfccac94c969d12? nophoto

    Thomas Sherman

    $100.00 / 144 days ago

    Love your heart to serve!

  • 27b109a025c12f19b8bf0bf890a4e832? nophoto

    Susan Hatfield

    $100.00 / 144 days ago

    It is an honor to know you and call you my friend. I am so proud of the way you raise your children. Love you sister.

  • 8a7afc814b02142ecd4cbdc24f30845f? nophoto

    Brian McKinney

    $103.00 / 144 days ago

    So proud of you girls for being the hands and feet of Jesus!

  • Cad18cd0b68bb70d75729e445534c22c? nophoto

    Melanie Horton

    $618.00 / 144 days ago

    Truly love your hearts and your desire to help others!

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    Jaime Worley

    $100.00 / 144 days ago

  • 5fc2c981906781be0b1103e944ca2548? nophoto

    Sally Bucciero

    $100.00 / 144 days ago

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    Stephen Remington

    $100.00 / 144 days ago

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    Misty Rangel

    $25.75 / 144 days ago

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    Robert Tiede

    $100.00 / 144 days ago

  • 660c03ba036e4fe07aa0890ffa02ae13? nophoto

    Garrett Finkelstein

    $25.75 / 144 days ago

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